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Nick Thompson

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Opportunity for Second Hand Toys
Currently there is an abundance of second hand toys which are discarded as children grow up. Surely their is an opportunity to use them in some sort of business.

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About Viewsta

Viewsta is to ideas as Facebook is to people.

Great ideas start with a simple thought and viewpoint, then they develop as they are passed from person to person, each one refining and adding to the idea. A simple thought can be developed through a chain of ideas and responses, into a great idea or theory.

Why not just post your idea to a forum? Viewsta has four major reasons to be used instead of a blog or a forum.

Not all ideas need to be published to the world and the whole Internet as they are in a public forum. You can publish to the whole Internet but Viewsta also has a subsystem of building groups of users which can be used for different viewpoints. For instance you may want to publish an idea to a group of colleagues first, then the whole faculty or company and after that, when the idea is completed, to the whole Internet.
Viewsta has a unique feature called the "idea tree" which maps all the responses and additional ideas into a visual map so the user can see the idea as it progresses from person to person. The user can add their own ideas to any part of the tree and become part of the "idea chain" of thoughts and ideas.
Viewsta allows you to attach any number of files such as pictures, white papers, curriculum vitae, bios, videos, spreadsheets and powerpoints to support your ideas and viewpoints. Other users can download any of them or add their own files whilst looking at your idea.
Instead of a mass of freeform text on a blog, Viewsta structures the key data so in addition to the text of the viewpoint itself, it stores all the viewpoint's key details and background, in a proper structure that can be added to, viewed and edited. For instance Viewsta can keep a detailed profile of the each author of a viewpoint with their Bio, CV, qualifications etc.
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